Checking your installation

So whilst this document is quite long, it will take you through step by step the tests / checks we would do if we were in front of your computer.

  1. Does the software run up?

If the software simply won't start up, then please see the following link:

If that also fails, then our next suggestion would be to uninstall/reinstall the software.

  1. Check the software version


  1. Click on the Cog icon on the toolbar to open up Settings. The Settings Window will appear.


  1. Open Preferences. (Below in this document, where Settings is referenced, please look in Preferences).


  1. Tap on the menu key, bottom right on the map, and select Settings.

  2. Click on About, which will list the software version.

If you are not on the latest software, please update.

  1. Are you logged in?

Your maps / subscriptions are attached to your email address. If you aren't logged in / have the wrong email address the software won't have access.

Pop into Settings, and tap on My Account.

The email address you are logged in with is listed. Please check it LETTER BY LETTER. I'm sorry to put that in capitals, but its such a common issue for us, where someone enters their email address with one wrong letter on the startup page, and the system creates a new account for you. You are then logged in, but with a new account which is not connected to your maps/subscriptions.

If you are not logged in correctly, please simply do a Reset.

  1. Run Sync


  1. Click on the map combo box on the toolbar - a list will open.

  2. Scroll to the bottom, and click on 'My Maps. - a window will open.


  1. Tap on the menu key (bottom right on map) and Select Map Management.

  2. Click on 'Sync' - a further window will open and progress to sync your map definitions with Anquet Cloud.

  3. Sync can take a few minutes. Please be patient and let it finish.

This step is most likely not required, but its belt and braces to make sure that local computer is in sync with Anquet Cloud.

  1. Check my Subscription

  2. Open up Settings.

  3. Click on My Subscriptions

You will now see the list of subscriptions and their expiry dates which are associated with the email address you logged in with.

  1. Check My Maps

Open up the My Maps window:


  1. Click on the map combo box on the toolbar - a list will open.

  2. Scroll to the bottom, and click on 'My Maps. - a window will open.


  1. Click on the menu button (bottom right on map).

  2. Select Map Management

Within OMN, maps are kept within Products. So in fact what you are initially looking at is a set of products on this screen.

Lets check the system is working with a small demo map

PC /macOS

  1. The top one in the list is the Product 'Demo Maps'. If you tap on it, the 'View Map' button will NOT become active.

  2. To the left of the Product name is a small arrow. Click on it, and the Product will expand, and you will see a list of maps.

  3. Select 'OS 1:25,000 - Demo 12x12'. The 'View Map' button will now become active. Click on 'View Map'


  1. Just tap on the Product name and it will expand to show the list of maps

  2. Tap on a map to see the available options on that map.

  3. Tap on 'Demo Maps'. Tap on 'OS 1:25,000 - Demo 12x12'. Tap on View Map on the menu that appears.

The OS 1:25,000 map should now become visible on the screen - you will very possibly see 'Downloading' first if the mapping is not already on your computer, but the tiles will soon appear.

  1. Back in 'My Maps', with the 'OS 1:25,000 - Demo 12x12' map selected, click on 'Download' The map should now download in it entirety.

Point 5 demonstrated Map Streaming, whilst point 6 uses Map Downloading.

The following links might be of use:

What is map streaming?

Map Download for Offline Use

Strategies for downloading map data

  1. Check a map on your account

Step 5 proves that you can access and view a demo map.

Open up the My Maps window / Map Management on mobiles.

You should also see Products which are specific to your account. The Products listed will depend on the maps you have purchased / subscribed to.

Simply tap on the arrow to the right of a Product, and the list of maps should expand. Select a map, and then tap on 'View Map'. The map should now be displayed on the screen.

  1. A bit of housekeeping

If you are still having issues, the following is a bit belt-and-braces but resolves a lot of common issues.

  1. Run Reset. Please see this link: Reset

  2. On restarting, login, and then REVISIT point 3 above (3. Are you logged in?) to check you are logged in with the correct email address.

  3. Pop into Settings and go into Re-Index.

  4. Tap on Re-Index and allow the process to finish. This will simply catalogue all of the map data that you have locally on your computer.

  5. In My Maps, you can Verify any maps that have been downloaded or partially downloaded – this will look at each map tile in turn, and compare its size to the expected size for that tile. If the tile size is incorrect, OMN will re-download the tile. If you map data is all up-to-date, the Verify should happen very quickly.

  6. Restart OMN. We cache map tiles in memory for quick access, and so if the cache has loaded bad tiles, they may still be displayed. Restarting OMN will make sure the data is loaded fresh.