Settings->Reset allows you to reset parts of the OMN system without needing to uninstall/reinstall the software.

There are four buttons which are explained in the app, but in brief allow you to reset the system, reset the icons, reset the Styles and reset Find Place.

Reset is not a very drastic move. It simply removes all of your local settings/account information, but leave the software and maps installed. It is therefore pretty quick and easy. You do lose personal settings like km/miles, so you will need to set these backup.

WARNING - Reset will remove route data and settings from your local machine. If you computer has been synced with Anquet Cloud, all of this data will be safe on Anquet Cloud. See point 3 below to backup your data to Anquet Cloud before allowing OMN to clean your local machine.

To do a Reset, please simply:

  1. Locate the Reset windowPC -> Settings->ResetmacOS -> Preferences->ResetiOS/Android -> Menu key on map (bottom right) -> Settings -> Reset
  2. On all platforms, then tap the top button.
  3. You will be asked if you wish to sync or not. It is best to hit Yes, as sync will then upload all of your local data to Anquet Cloud.
  4. OMN will run the sync if you selected to do so. This may take a few moments, so please be patient.
  5. OMN will close down.
  6. Restart OMN. You will be asked to login, and OMN will sync all of your data from Anquet Cloud.