Find - Getting Started and Offline Usage

To open Find:

On PC, use the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar, or ctrl-f from the keyboard.

On macOS, use the menu option, or cmd-f

On mobiles, tap on the Menu button (bottom right on the map), and tap 'Find' from the menu that appears.

The first time you open Find on macOS or PC, it will ask to download some data it requires. On mobiles this occurs on entering the Place, Postcode or Road name search. The amount of data to be downloaded will depend on what maps are on your account.

Once the downloads are complete, you can search place names, road names and postcodes without requiring an active internet connection.

Once Find has opened up, you will get a screen like the following on the PC (macOS is similar):

or on a mobile:

To understand the four different find options, please see the following links:

Find Places

Find Road Names

Find Postcodes

Find Grid References