Find - Grid References

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National Grid UK

For more information on the National Grid, please see this link: How to use the National Grid


If as in the example above, you do not enter the two letter grid square, OMN obtains a grid reference for the middle of the map on screen and uses the 100km square associated. So in the screenshot above, as Bristol is in square ST, it has made a grid reference of ST 56. You can of course enter a fully qualified grid reference.

Please enter an even set of numbers, so that OMN can split it into an Easting and Northing.

As you type your grid reference, OMN parses it, and displays it below the input box.

The Add Waypoint button will add a waypoint at the desired location.

Finally, if you do not wish to use the grid square, you can turn off Ordnance Survey prefix numbers. This will let you input just Eastings and Northings to a set precision.


Latitude & Longitude

OMN can parse various formats as listed within the software.




You can enter a fully qualified UTM coordinate into OMN.