Repairing Map Data

Hopefully OMN will give reliable service. However, the OMN software deals with very large datasets, and downloads / SD cards / hard drives can always fail or get corrupted.

If you are having some map display issues, we suggest the following course of action: Pop into My Maps, and tap on Sync. – This should mean that all of your map definitions on Anquet Cloud should be on your computer / device locally. Pop into Settings (Preferences on macOS) and go into Re-Index. Tap on Re-Index and allow the process to finish. This will simply catalogue all of the map data that you have locally on your computer. In My Maps, you can Verify any maps that have been downloaded or partially downloaded – this will look at each map tile in turn, and compare its size to the expected size for that tile. If the tile size is incorrect, OMN will re-download the tile. If you map data is all up-to-date, the Verify should happen very quickly. Restart OMN. We cache map tiles in memory for quick access, and so if the cache has loaded bad tiles, they may still be displayed. Restarting OMN will make sure the data is loaded fresh.

If after the following you are still having issues, please try the following: In My Maps, Remove the map in question. Restart the OMN app. Re-Download or simply use View Map from My Maps.

If you are still having problems, then please do reach out to our support team.