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Mapping software with Ordnance Survey mapping for your mobile and desktop that make your outdoor pursuits safer and more fun.

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  • Four Apps - Android, iOS, macOS and PC.
  • The latest Ordnance Survey mapping.
  • Download routes and maps to your phone or tablet for use when you don't have a phone signal.
  • Flexible map printing.
  • First-class support.

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Access the latest Ordnance Survey mapping.

  • 403 Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer maps
    Best for walking, running, hiking, off-road cycling, running and horse-riding. Clearly shows footpaths, rights of way and open access land.
  • 204 Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger maps
    Perfect for cycling and longer routes, whilst still displaying footpaths and rights of way.
  • Full GB Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 Vector Map Local
    A highly detailed map that displays fences, building outlines, paths and street names.
  • Quarterly updates
    All of the Ordnance Survey maps are updated quarterly. Updates are included in our subscriptions so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the latest mapping.

Anquet Cloud

  • Sync your data
    Use maps, routes, and tracks within any of the four OMN apps. You can plan a route on the larger screen on your PC or Mac and easily sync your route data to your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Edit on the go
    If you need to make a change whilst on the go, the mobile OMN apps have a complete route editing system.
  • Review when and where you want
    When you have completed your trip, review your tracklog on your mobile device or quickly sync to your PC or Mac to view on a larger screen.


  • Use without a phone signal
    Download OS maps to store maps on your phone/tablet to use them offline without an internet connection.
  • See your live position
    See your position in real-time on the latest Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Record your trips
    Record tracklogs of where you have been.
  • Create your own routes
    Plot routes, edit and style them.
  • Full offline search
    Fully featured offline search, including place names and postcodes.
  • Use Ordnance Survey grid references
    Use Ordnance Survey grid references, latitude/longitude, or UTM.


Mobiles and Desktops complement each other for outdoor usage. Planning and reviewing routes and tracklogs is easier with a large screen and a mouse. Mobiles let you take your routes and maps in your pocket.

  • Edit your routes on a larger screen.
  • Consistent user interface across both mobile and desktop apps.

Routes and Tracklogs

  • Add and save waypoints.
  • Plot, edit, and style your routes.
  • Create your styles for routes and tracks with transparency, thickness, and colour.
  • Choose from over 200 icons for waypoints.
  • Save routes and tracks and sync them to Anquet Cloud to access within other OMN apps.
  • Import and Export data in the industry-standard GPX file format.


Our High Definition maps are the same data that the Ordnance Survey uses to print their paper maps. Paper prints are incredible.

  • Print to scale
    Print to scale, or choose a scale that suits your usage.
  • Route printing
    Set the scale, overlap between pages and let OMN work out which pages to print.


We take pride in our support.

  • Human Support
    We do our support by email tickets. We answer every ticket with care and attention promptly.
  • Help documentation
    We have a complete set of online resources to help you make full use of your OMN subscription.

This is an excellent product and a huge help to us in our work.

Nigel Hackney, Secretary, Glossop Mountain Rescue Team

As a walks leader I find this software the best I've used yet. Excellent product and a must for anybody that navigates with a smartphone or plans walks on the pc.

Google Play review

Great product with very responsive technical support. I have used Anquet mapping for over 10 years and have been very pleased with it throughout.

Google Play review

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7 day free trial

Sign up for a free trial. Access the complete system for seven days.

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