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Why are these available?

With the arrival of the December 2017 Ordnance Survey mapping, we are clearing out our stock of older products. These products are therefore exactly the same as our current products, just that the maps are just over 3 months old coming from September 2017. So grab a bargain now, as when they are gone, they are gone.

To keep prices down, these products are only available by digital download.

Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale Landranger Mapping of Complete Great Britain.

OMN Pro Software

Our our OMN Pro software brings many advanced features to OMN PC – advanced map view features such as 3D and split screen, GPS integration, A3 and smart multi-sheet printing and advanced data editing tools. 

Map Definition

We have four different configurations:

  • Standard Definition (SD)

    The original specification of digital maps that the Ordnance Survey launched which are drawn at 254 dots per inch.

    • High Definition (HD)

    The Ordnance Survey more recently released their High Definition data, from which they print their actual paper map series. These are 660 dots per inch, and therefore offer up over six times the resolution of Standard Definition maps.

    Read More about High Definition Maps

    • Standard & High Definition

    We find many users have a requirement for both High and Standard Definition maps such as using High Defintion at home for perfect printing, and Standard Definition on say a smartphone to save on storage requirements.

    • Ultimate SD & HD

    Take the Standard and High Definition maps, and then also add two more maps from Ordnance Survey that cover the same area: 1:10,000 scale OS Street View and 1:50,000 scale GroundRanger.