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OS Open Map Local with GroundRanger

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One product - two great maps.

OS Open Map Local

OS Open Map Local is a new 1:10,000 scale dataset from the OS. To look at, in content it is quite close to OS Street View, however, it’s a big dataset, and in accuracy it looks very much closer to the much more expensive OS Vector Map Local.
This product contains full Great Britain coverage.


This map is based on map data provided by Ordnance Survey. GroundRanger is designed to provide a clear but unobtrusive backdrop on which to display your routes. The low-key and generalized styling means these maps display clearly on all screen sizes and are particularly suitable for displaying routes when clarity is more important than lots of additional detail. GroundRanger includes information on roads, railways, land cover, heritage sites, settlements, buildings, water and administrative boundaries but does not include contour lines, rights of way (footpaths and bridleways) or field boundaries and as such isn’t a suitable replacement for an OS Explorer map or OS Landranger map.