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Our OMN software is free on the PC and mobile devices. On the PC we also offer our Pro version of the software which adds a lot of very good features.

OMN Pro can be bought by itself from this page, but is also bundled with maps in some products which can offer better value.

All of our Ordnance Survey Full Great Britain 1:25,000 Explorer products contain the OMN Pro software at no further cost.

All of our Ordnance Survey Full Great Britain 1:50,000 Landranger products offer OMN Pro as an add-on option at a reduced price.

OMN Pro Plus

OMN Pro Plus adds the following maps covering the complete of Great Britain:

Full GB OS 1:50,000 scale Landranger maps

You can also add to this package the latest Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale Landranger maps. This mapping data is the same as is used in the paper maps we all know and love. You just need to choose between Standard Definition, High Definition, or both.

OMN Pro Contains:

Advanced map view features

New superfast and smooth 3d Virtual Landscape (TM)

Anquet’s famous 3D Virtual Landscape is now faster, smoother and even more amazing than before. Immerse yourself in a world of 3D mapping. It’s breath-taking.

Split screen and synchronised map view

Split your screen and work with two perfectly synchronised maps simultaneously. It’s ideal for comparing terrain using two maps types say, an aerial photo map and an OS 1:25,000 map. You can even view one side in 3d and the other in 2d.

New and improved GPS connectivity

Transfer route data to and from any GPS device with complete ease

With the GPS Connectivity you can transfer routes, waypoint and tracks to and from your GPS device with complete ease, no matter what the make or model.

A3 and smart multi sheet printing

Unlimited A3 Printing

Print your route marked maps accurately and to scale on A3 so even longer routes fit comfortably on one sheet.

Smart multi sheet printing

Print large areas of mapping on tiled multiple sheets or even let Outdoor Map Navigator calculate how to print your longer routes, to scale using the fewest possible sheets.

Variable scale and zoom printing

Print maps to any scale and zoom

Print out any map type accurately to any scale. For instance you can print 1:50,000 maps out at perfect 1:25,000 scale to make them easier to read in the field and safe in the knowledge that they are printed at true 1:25,000 scale.

Advanced data editing tools

Multi route edit facility

Edit the appearance, names and other aspects of a group of waypoints at once to to simplify management.

Full undo and redo buffer

The full undo and redo buffer lets you correct and amend any mistakes you may make whilst editing.

Advanced route planning tools

Reverse, join, split and continue route functions

Reverse routes, split into legs or sub-routes, join routes together or extend existing routes easily.

Add files to waypoint

Attached files to waypoints such as  photos, media files or word docs. Perfect for geo-referencing items such as photos or wildlife sightings.

v06 Map Reader Plugin

The v06 PC Map Reader converts your Anquet v06 map library into Outdoor Map Navigator compatible maps. All of your Anquet v06 maps will work in OMN PC, OMN iOS and OMN Android.