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245 The National Forest Historical Mapping

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245 The National Forest Historical Mapping

These maps cover the exact same geographical area as covered by the Ordnance Survey Explorer maps, but contain historical mapping.

The map coverage image shows the exact area covered.

Key Map of all Ordnance Survey Historical Explorer Maps

The sample mapping images are not geographically from the area that these products cover, but are provided to illustrate the standard of mapping being provided.

These Historic Maps of Great Britain reach back over the last 200 years and hold a wealth of historical information about the development of the landscape as it is today.

See England and Wales before the trains, and watch how the road and water networks develop. These maps have been re-projected to match current OS Explorer maps and are completely seamless.

We have four dates of map data available for England and Wales, but just the oldest mapping for Scotland.

Dates available:

1805-1874 - 19th Century mapping

1896-1904 - Victorian mapping

1919-1926 - Inter-War mapping

1945-1948 - Post-War mapping