Upgrade to OS Premium Plus OSVMLC

12 Month Subscription: £48.00 year 1, £80 year 2 Auto Renewal



OS Premium Plus OSVMLC Subscription

Our best-selling product by a very large margin is our OS Premium Plus subscription which gives you all of the latest Ordnance Survey outdoors mapping, updated quarterly and our four new OMN apps – PC, macOS, iOS and Android.

Add to our best-selling product the most detailed map we sell and you have our premiere product: OS Premium Plus OSVMLC

Whilst the OS Landranger mapping is at a scale of 1:50,000, and OS Explorer maps are at 1:25,000 scale, this turns in at a scale of 1:10,000! The level of detail available is stunning, and this map never fails to amaze. Below is a little excerpt from Crystal Palace.

How the Upgrade works

1. Simply make your purchase using the subscribe link above and use the code UPG40 at the checkout.
2. You will get an email within a few minutes from our system to say the maps are on your account, and you can start using them.
3. Email sales@anquet.com to say you have taken the upgrade offer.
4. Our sales team will then see what unused subscription you had left and extend your new subscription and renewal date to compensate.
5. Our sales team will email you to say when step four is complete and to inform you of your new renewal date.

*Ts & Cs: One 1 year subscription purchase per customer. 


If a customer has 6 months to run on a OS Premium Plus subscription which costs £32, he has £16 in value. The new OS Premium Plus OSVMLC subscription costs £80, so we would lengthen the new subscription by 16/80*365 days = 73 days.


If you have questions, then please email us at sales@anquet.com or Book a Call to talk with us.