10% off Subscriptions

All of our subscriptions are currently 10% off.

Our best selling subscription:

OS Premium Plus – £36, or £28.80 auto-renew.

Simply use the coupon code SUB10 at the checkout.

Less mapping and features than the Plus version above, but still with full GB OS Explorer 25k and Landranger 50k mapping:

OS Premium – £27, or £21.60 auto-renew.


For users moving from OMN Classic:

Cheaper subscriptions aimed at current users who wish to continue to use the maps they bought and used in OMN Classic:

Standard – £11.25, or £9 auto-renew.
Standard Plus – £20.25, or £18 auto-renew.

For the mapping connoisseur:

The OS 1:10,000 Vector Map Local is our most detailed map data set. Its quality is just stunning.

Buy OS Vector Map Local along with our best selling OS Premium Plus subscription:
OS Premium Plus OSVMLC - £90, or £72 auto-renew.

Just OS Vector Map Local:
OS Vector Map Local - £54, or £43.20 auto-renew.

Simply use the coupon code SUB10 at the checkout.

Please note:
  • for auto-renewing subscriptions, the discount applies to the first-year subscription payment only.

Subscription Comparison

For a detailed table comparing our subscriptions, please see: