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Outdoor Map Navigator - OMN

Replace your paper map collection, print the maps you need and use OMN on a smartphone instead of purchasing an expensive GPS unit.

Seriously Clever, Beautifully Simple

We take on the hard tasks so our users don’t have to. Take Route Sync – after finishing a walk, hit the Route Sync button on your phone. Hit the corresponding button on your PC, and you can view your tracklog. No wires, no file copying. Just simplicity.

The sofa is no substitute for a mountain

We build our products, we use them, and then we refine them. We aim for ultimate robustness so you can trust our apps. Passion for what we do drives us forward.

Works away from the internet

Your free Anquet Cloud account stores all your routes and maps which you can download at any time to any OMN app you have. Once downloaded, routes and maps are fully accessible on your device without requiring an internet connection.

Not just another app

The maps you purchase can be used on any OMN app you have - currently PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones. OMN gives you capabilities beyond other systems.

Use like a paper map

Maps you know and trust

We sell Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps which are exactly the same as the paper versions you can buy in your local shop. We also sell French maps made by the National Cartographers of France – IGN.

Print at Scale

Print the maps at up to A3 size exactly at scale to match their paper equivalents.

Unlimited printing

Print a spare copy to take with you. If it gets a bit dog eared, print a fresh copy for your next outing.

and goes beyond a paper map

Zoom and print at any scale

OMN’s Smooth zoom system allows you to view your maps at any zoom level. You can also choose exactly at what scale you wish to print your maps.

Find Locations with ease

Unlike paper maps, finding locations is quick and easy. Search the free 250,000 place gazetteer for the UK, or utilise the full postcode and road name gazetteer. Alternatively locate yourself using grid references in all the common formats.

Seamless maps

All of your maps are joined into a seamless layer. No more trying to navigate the edge of a map.

Switch maps at location

OMN will list all of the map types you have at your current location to make changing map a breeze. Change from OS 1:25,000 Explorer mapping to say an OS Road Map to give a better orientation of an area.

Plot routes

On your PC, just click and draw your route. With a full undo/redo buffer and other powerful tools, plotting your route is simple and enjoyable.

Virtual Landscape

Having plotted your route, why not view it in 3D in the Anquet Virtual Landscape? This will allow you to familiarise yourself with your route before you get there. When produced with aerial photography these views are very realistic.

Compare two maps at once

Our split screen technology allows you to view two maps at once and optionally have them locked together so moving one will move the other.

Record Tracklogs

Whilst out walking, allow your smartphone or tablet to keep a track of your movements with no requirement for internet access. Not only is this a safety feature should you need to retrace your steps, but you can also keep it as a record of your trip.

View Statistics

Interrogate the routes you have plotted and the tracklogs you have recorded for distance, height gain/loss, hidden length and other statistics. You can also view a route profile.

Start back where you left off

Every time you close OMN, it remembers where you were, so you can start back exactly where you were when you start up again.

Go Mobile

With OMN Android and OMN iOS you can take OMN mobile and use the GPS built into your device to pinpoint your location.

GPS integration

 If you haven’t made the jump to a smartphone we integrate with the majority of GPS units to exchange routes, waypoints and tracks, but not maps.

Buy once, use on all of your devices

Anquet Cloud

Your free Anquet Cloud account stores each map you purchase so you can always access and download your mapping. No one time downloads and no need to back up your data as Anquet Cloud does all of this for you.


Runs on Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3.

OMN Android

Runs on phones and tablets that run Android 2.2 or above.


Runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods that support iOS5 or above.


OMN for OS X is in early beta.

  Low Prices!

Low prices. Massive Selection

Over 1000 maps available and growing

We have Ordnance Survey, French IGN, Harvey, Getmapping, OS Street View and more all available for immediate download 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

High Definition Maps

OMN supports, and we therefore make available the latest 660 Dots Per Inch maps from the Ordnance Survey. The quality of resolution on these is just amazing.

Flexible to work how you want to work

Buy a set area such as an Explorer map, or use Cut Your Own to choose exactly the mapping you require. You can do this at home on your PC, or via our online shop when out and about. Download over WiFi at home, or a 3G internet connection whilst away from home.

Use each map on all of your Apps

Each map you purchase can be downloaded and used on any OMN app you have installed. Change phone, or buy a new PC, just download your OMN app, log into your Anquet Cloud account and download your maps and routes.

Great value packages

With such a wide range of maps available, we offer great value starter packages which provide the outdoors enthusiast with all the major mapping he requires.

Demo maps available

We have samples of all of our map types available to download so you can see the quality of the maps before purchase.

Free orientation maps

We have a number of overview maps and height data available for free download from within the apps.

Never be without a map or route

Anquet Cloud

With all of your data safely stored on Anquet Cloud, you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Offline maps

Once you have downloaded data to your device, it can work without an internet connection giving you true offline maps for walking where there is no cellular signal coverage.

Re-download when you require

There is no limit to how often you can download your maps.  So if you buy a new PC, just install OMN and download your data.


Trusted, reliable and an open attitude

Dedicated UK based support

Our support staff are knowledgeable outdoors people based in the UK.

An open forum

Our forum is a great resource to browse for answers or to post questions of Anquet staff and other users.

Want to help shape OMN?

Our forum has areas where you can suggest new features, or get involved with our beta groups who help define future releases.

Continual Improvements

We have an active development team and regular free updates to our software. We also have a published roadmap of our planned future developments.

Who are Anquet?

Anquet was founded in March 2001 and has since then just worked to produce the best outdoor map software bar none.  The work continues as new technologies become available and users bring forward new requirements.  We continue to evolve around our customers.