OMN 2017



OMN 2017 has been a complete rewrite of our entire system, with continual input and testing by a very pro-active beta test group. The results speak for themselves – well tested software that has been fine-tuned with user feedback.

OMN PCOMN macOS, OMN Android and OMN iOS have now all been launched.

Major highlights of OMN 2017:

  • A new and improved interface consistent across four operating systems – PC, macOS, Android and iOS.
  • A new map rendering system which uses our Enhanced Zoom technology. This system runs on all four platforms and is also used for printing, so if you draw a route on your PC, you will view it exactly the same on your phone or on a printout.
  • With any OMN 2017 subscription, you can download maps directly to your mobile device. If you have one of our Plus subscriptions, you can also download map data to your desktop app on PC or macOS for working away from the internet.
  • If you are connected to the internet, OMN 2017 can stream mapping direct from Anquet Cloud, meaning that you don’t need to download large areas of mapping to just view a few map tiles – instead OMN 2017 will load the tiles as required from the Anquet Cloud.
  • Printing has been improved with more options, and the return of grid lines and grid numbers on the printout.
  • The route plotting experience has been fully updated, and operates on all four platforms, therefore allowing you to plot and edit routes on mobile devices.
  • See distances of routes as your create them.
  • Adoption of the industry standard GPX file format for user route data.
  • A new Styles system allows you to use pre-defined Styles or define your own. You simply then apply Styles to routes and tracks.
  • Over 200 new icons are included. You can also import your own icons.
  • A completely new Sync system, to keep your routes and data in sync between whichever devices you choose to use. Not only does this sync your GPX files, but it also syncs any icons you have imported and your personal Styles.
  • GPX Manager allows you to file your routes and tracks, and syncs your files with Anquet Cloud.
  • The completely new GPX Editor allows you to easily edit your GPX files, and is fully integrated with the map, so as you highlight an item on the map it is highlighted in the GPX Manager and vice-versa.

OMN 2017 - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run OMN Classic (2012-2017) and OMN 2017 at the same time?

You can run both OMN 2017 and OMN Classic on the same device or computer. They won't interfere with each other.

Are you still supporting OMN Classic (2012-2017)?

Yes we will continue to support OMN for the foreseeable future.

How can I import my routes from OMN Classic (2012-2017) into OMN 2017?

OMN 2017 supports the GPX format fully. Currently you need to export from OMNC in GPX format, and then import into OMN 2017. Please see this link for more details:
Moving Route and Track data from OMNC to OMN 2017