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OMN RoadMap

OMN Roadmap

The below is given as guidance of what we are working on, and is not a guarantee of its imminent arrival.

It's impossible to get all of our plans down in one document, but the following hopefully will give you a flavour about our direction without being too technical.

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The Principles

As a company we have learnt a lot from the development of our mobile apps.  Rather than developing a full product and launch everything at once, our mobile apps have seen a continual launch schedule following discussion, testing and changes brought around by the active beta group on the forum. 

We are now rolling out this methodology across our development projects.  We therefore try to take small packages of work, discuss them with the beta group, produce results and then iterate until we are all happy with the results.  Then we launch the changes to the live system, and start on the next package of work.

In this format, each new release is very well tested internally and by the beta group before we release it.

The Projects:


OMN2 PC is taking shape nicely.  You can read more or download the beta from our forum: OMN2 PC

OMN2 for the PC is in development and has been for quite some time.  Overall we are very happy with the OMN look and feel, so this won’t be changing radically. However we feel there are some major technology updates that we wish to make.  A lot of the OMN code dates back through Anquet Maps v06, and so for OMN2 we have started with a clean slate.

Major Points:

  • File compatible with OMN, so it can run alongside OMN using the same mapping files - in Beta
  • New map download system which includes Enhanced Zoom - in Beta
  • New 2D/3D map viewing technologies that make use of Enhanced Zoom as used on iOS and Android - 2D in Beta
  • OMN Map Server built in to support side-loading of maps to other OMN apps over local network - partially done, not in Beta yet.
  • Convergence on GPX as our file format standard  - in Beta.
  • Route Sync has been one of the most compelling additions to OMN, and we feel we can now improve on this and make it more open - in Beta.
  • Data Explorer was largely unchanged moving from Anquet Maps v06 to OMN, and has had a major overhaul.  - in Beta.
  • Adopting the statistics engine that has been developed on OMN Android/iOS


The above are just the headlines. OMN2 is a big project. However, OMN2 is now coming together very well, with all the major foundation work now in place, the betas are coming much more frequently, and are adding more and more functionality. 

OMN macOS - Mac

OMN2 macOS Beta is up and running.  You can read more or download the beta from our forum: OMN2 OS X

The current public beta is quite simple but appears fairly robust – logon, map download, map panning/zooming, Printing, Find Place, Goto Grid Ref and change map at location. Basic route plotting is now in place, along with Route Sync and route editing.

Generally macOS is very close to the functionality on the PC beta - once work has been done on the PC, the interface is then built on macOS.

We are committed to build macOS into a fully functional OMN product.

OMN Android and iOS

Both Android and iOS are in early beta. Both now allow logon, map download, map panning/zooming, Find Place, Goto Grid Reference and change map at locations. Both in testing appear very stable and are performing well. The new GPX Manager is also now on the mobiles.

Internally we now also have an early version of the new Data Explorer, which will be going into beta soon.

Android Betas
iOS Betas


All of our platforms – PC, macOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (phones and tablets) all share the majority of their code. Whilst this approach has been slow to get OMN2 to where it is now, this is now paying huge dividends in consistency across the platforms in capabilities and robustness of the software.

OMN - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run OMN and OMN2 on the same PC?

Yes you can, and they can share the same map data. However, as OMN2 also uses our Enhanced Zoom technology that we pioneered on the mobiles, you will need to verify your maps within OMN2, which will bring down additional mapping from Anquet Cloud.

When will the next version of OMN launch?

We don’t have a fixed date, but our expectations are that we will roll out a soft launch in the near future for the PC and macOS. The mobiles will be a little way behind this.

OMN2 is a much newer, nimbler and smoother system than OMN, and so we are already seeing early adopters use it rather than OMN. However, as OMN currently has more functions that OMN2, depending on your requirements, you may still have to dip into OMN.

So we aren’t looking for a hard switch date, but more we are expecting a gradual movement of users from OMN to OMN2.

Are you still supporting OMN?

Yes we will continue to support OMN for the foreseeable future, in just the way that we still support Anquet Maps v06.

What about support for OMN2?

Currently we support OMN2 via the support forum. We will start to officially support the released version from our other support channels once we have reached the soft launch.

How can I load my routes from OMN in OMN2?

OMN2 supports the GPX format fully. Currently you need to export from OMN in GPX format, and then import into OMN2. With more people adopting OMN2, we have it on our short term to-do list to produce a way do this in a much cleaner way.

Will OMN2 support Grid Lines and Grid Numbers on Map Prints?

Both the PC and macOS betas already have this in place. If you want this functionality now, please download the beta of choice.

Where can I get the betas?

Please see our Beta Forum – there are a number of sections, with one per operating system. Simply visit the forum for the operating system you want, and look for the latest beta post.

Where can I sign-up for notifications on Betas?

If you sign-up on the following page, you will get emailed as each beta is released. You can stop the emails at any time.

OMN Beta Signup Page