OMN PC Releases

How to Update

Shortly after an update is released, on starting OMN you should be prompted by the software to update. The update process does not alter any of the maps or route data on your PC.

You can check which version of the software you are running by looking in the About box from the Settings Ribbon.  If you are not running the latest software, try restarting the software twice. Should this not prompt the automatic update, you can do a manual update from here.

OMN PC Release – 23 May 2016

      • Renewal of code-signing security certificate.

OMN PC Release – 6 January 2015

      • Smalll fix for OS Vector Map Local Cut Your Own issue.

OMN PC Release – 21 October 2014

      • System.Net.Htpp missing from some machines in last release - fixed.

OMN PC Release – 20 October 2014

      • Smalll update for Harvey logo on map prints of the new Harvey Superwalker Maps.

OMN PC Release – 10 October 2014

      • Smalll update for Harvey logo on map prints of the new British Mountain Maps.

OMN PC Release – 26 June 2014

OMN PC Release – 16 May 2014

      • Smalll fix for OS Vector Map Local Cut Your Own.

OMN PC Release – 15 May 2014

      • Smalll update to enable Cut Your Own map interface for OS Vector Map Local and Aerial Photo Maps.

OMN PC Release – 11 April 2014

      • Streamlined the print engine to fix issues with HD maps on some printers.
      • The logic of the Naismith's sentence when printed on the map had a 'removes' where it should have had an 'adds'.  Corrected.
      • Side Loading has been running fine on PC's with one IP address.  More than one, and its been a bit hit and miss.  This new OMN PC now sends a list of available IP addresses to Anquet Cloud, and new releases of OMN iOS and Android can then use this list to search for a valid connection.

OMN PC Release – 10 March 2014

A small interim release that:

      • Issue resolved around Windows 8 not trusting a new installation due to renwed security certificate.
      • Update to allow OMN to install newer USB memory sticks.

OMN PC Release – 30th January 2014 displayed a few bugs we hadn't picked up in testing for a small amount of users.  This release fixes those issues.

      • Side Loading IP issue some users were having resolved.
      • Windows XP not closing properly has been resolved.

OMN PC Release – 23rd January 2014

      • Side Loading implemented to allow easy map download to OMN iOS and OMN Android.

OMN PC Release – 4th December 2013

      • Changes to allow OMN to install maps from OMN USB keys that can be bought from our online shop for the large Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale prodcuts.

OMN PC Release – 7th August 2013

      • Poorly formatted GPX times are now ignored in file load to display the rest of the file information.
      • Track Point names are now populated to the correct column in Data Explorer.
      • Track Point time stamp text added to Notes of Track Point.

OMN PC Release – 5th August 2013

      • Very small change to gazetteer download to correct a bug.

OMN PC Release – 22nd July 2013

      • Improvements in memory management to improve printing of HD maps on some systems that were experiencing issues.

OMN PC Release – 1 July 2013

      • Multi-Edit was not updating the internal save flag, so on save the user was not prompted to save changes. Fixed.
      • Save bug fixed where users were saving a file manually multiple times, but subsequent changes were not being saved.
      • Remove Map now removes not just the mapping data, but also the map definition, so that if updates are required, a user can just remove/re-download a map without having to be given instructions to intervene in the system.
      • Reduce waypoints bug has been fixed, and a progress bar added as on long routes it was looking like OMN had stopped responding.
      • Verify has been added to Map Manager. This downloads the map file information from Anquet Cloud, and then compares the data on your local machine against that on Anquet Cloud. Whilst not quick as it is comparing a lot of data, it is much quicker than a remove map/re-download map.
      • IGN Gaz files should no longer be listed in Map Manager, they are just downloaded within Find Place as other gazetteer map types are.
      • Gazetteer file download speeded up by adding compression.
      • Deleting a file in the Manage screen left no file in focus, and hitting Delete again caused a crash.  Fixed.
      • Creating a folder on a mobile and creating the same folder on the PC was causing an unnecessary sync conflict. Fixed.
      • Some Grammar corrections to error messages.
      • Some issues with default colours not being respected have been corrected.

OMN PC Release – 13 March 2013

    • Find Place code updated to support County/Town, Distance, Category and Feature columns.
    • Map Download code comprehensively updated to make it smoother.
    • Fixed: Duplicate map name creation in CYO is no longer allowed.
    • Fixed: # character no longer allowed in CYO map names.
    • Fixed: bug in sync where after a Route Sync from Android, files were not available in OMN PC for a short period of time.