Outdoor Map Navigator macOS

OMN PC is fast and easy to use.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Quick to download and install on macOS 10.11 of higher, but not Catalina yet - see below.
  • Easy access to all your maps.
  • Synchronizes your routes and maps with Anquet Cloud.
  • Its free to download, all you need is a compatible mac to see how refined OMN is.

Your maps at your fingertips...

Get OMN macOS

Please note, you may need to set some permissions in the macOS operating system to install and run OMN macOS.  Please see this link: Permissions for OMN to run on macOS.

When you run OMN macOS for the first time it will ask you to login, or to create your free Anquet Cloud account. Once connected you can download any previous purchases made within the last 30 days along with any of the free or sample maps available.

Need help? Just visit our Support Forum where you can contact us directly.

System Requirements:

Runs on macOS 10.11 or higher, but not yet Catalina.


Catalina - we are currently working on an update to fully support Catalina. You can read more about that on the following blog post: 



OMN Classic:

OMN macOS is part of our new set of apps.

If you are looking for OMN Classic, please see this link: OMN Classic