What is OMN?

Outdoor Map Navigator (OMN) is all of our experience over more than 10 years of working with digital mapping all wrapped up into one suite of applications. The guiding principle has been our new slogan ‘Seriously Clever, Beautifully Simple’ – clean new modern interfaces, consistency of design across all apps delivered as dependable robust software.

What can I run OMN on?

On the PC we run on Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. We have apps available for iPhone and Android which cost £3.99 each.

What is OMN Pro?

Whilst OMN PC is free, OMN Pro is a set of upgrades which give much more functionality to the software such as GPS interfaces, Anquet’s 3D Virtual Landscape and much more.

Do I need to decide if I want OMN Pro when I start buying maps?

No. Any map you purchase can be used in OMN on any of our platforms. If you later wish to then buy OMN Pro, you will just get a new set of features enabled in OMN PC to use with your maps.

What is Anquet Cloud?

Anquet Cloud is what glues the OMN system together. To use any OMN app you simply login using your email and password for your Anquet Cloud account. Anquet Cloud keeps track of all of your map purchases, and if you choose to use Route Sync, it will also keep copies of your route files for easy synchronisation to your other devices, or just for safe keeping.

Will OMN work without an internet connection?

Yes it will. OMN requires an internet connection to download maps and routes, but once loaded onto your computer, phone or tablet OMN will happily work with no internet connection giving you access to your maps where there is no WiFi or mobile coverage.

What does Anquet Cloud cost to use?

Nothing, it’s free to use.

Will my maps work on all OMN apps?

Yes. This is the beauty of Anquet Cloud. New PC or Phone? Just download the OMN app, pop your email and password in, and you can download all of your maps and routes from Anquet Cloud. All you have to do is remember your email and password, and of course if you forget those, we can help you out with that as well. The beauty here is you have no disks to loose or scratch and no files to backup.

Can I see my routes on all of my devices?

Yes. This is the part of the simplicity of OMN. Just press the Route Sync button on any device, and your route data is synchronized to your Anquet Cloud account. Switch device, and press Route Sync, and that data is now also on your new device.

How many devices can I use my maps on?

Each map is licensed to be used on up to 5 devices.


What is the Map Manager

Pressing the Map Sync button in the Map Manager synchronizes your available maps with Anquet Cloud. Once done, any maps you have on your account can easily be downloaded. Map Sync therefore just brings across to your computer the list of maps you have purchased along with the list of free maps available. You still need to choose which ones you wish to download to your PC.

Can I view a sample of OS Street View mapping?

Yes. If you wish to see how a certain map type looks on your computer, simply open up the Map Manager and you can from within Anquet Demo Maps download small sections of mapping.

What other maps are free?

Inside the Map Manager, you will see ‘Anquet Essential Great Britain’ and ‘Anquet Essential France’. All of the maps within these products are free for you to download. In the case of Great Britain, it gives you access to an overview map, height data and find place gazetteer data.

How do I get my maps onto my mobile phone?

It’s almost identical process to your PC. Once you have bought and downloaded either OMN iPhone or OMN Android, simply login with the same email/password you use on OMN PC. Within the My Maps screen you will see your list of maps, and you can simply download them. There are no complex licensing terms – any map you can view on OMN PC, you have access to via the mobile platforms that you have purchased.

How can I purchase OS Explorer Map OL4?

The easy way to do this is pop ‘OL4’ in the search box at the top of any webpage and press the search button. You now have 2 options returned: a 1:25,000 Explorer map or the same geographical area but using historical mapping.

How does the online shop process work?

Simply choose the map you want and proceed to the checkout. At the checkout, you have you can choose to use either a credit card, or checkout using PayPal.

Is it secure?

Yes, our online shop is fully PCI Compliant and audited to all relevant guidelines. No employees have access to credit card numbers of orders placed on the online-shop – these are all passed directly to the payment provider chosen, and Anquet simply receive a receipt code to confirm the payment after which we process the order.

I have made my purchase in the online shop. What happens next?

You will receive 2 emails within a few minutes of the purchase. The first will be your receipt. The second will inform you that the maps or tile credits that you have purchased have been applied to your account. Simply then login to any OMN app, and do a Map Sync to have access to your new mapping.

But I just want to buy a small bit of mapping. Can I do that?

Yes. Cut Your Own lets you choose exactly the mapping you wish to download.

With all this talk of buying small bits of mapping, will I have to manage lots of maps?

All of our maps are seamless, on all platforms. So if you have mapping on the device, OMN will load and display it for you. So if you bought OL4, and then wanted to extend it slightly, you could just use Cut Your Own to add a small amount of extra mapping.

What are High Definition Maps?

I am glad you asked. These are beautiful! The Ordnance Survey has been providing us with their standard resolution maps for over 10 years. Late last year, we have finally been given access to the High Definition data they use to create their paper maps. The resolution is over six times greater than the standard maps, and the results are just stunning. When printed, they are just like the paper map. If you haven’t looked yet, there are free demo maps within Anquet Demo Maps that you can download. Alternatively take a look on our website where you can see a sample of High Definition mapping compared to Standard Definition.