The schools package is on a 1 year licence, and contains full GB mapping of:

  • Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale Explorer High Definition mapping.
  • Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale Landranger High Definition mapping.
  • Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 scale OS Street View mapping.
  • GroundRanger mapping.
  • Ordnance Survey 1:250,000 Road Map.
  • Full Postcodes and Road Name search.
  • OMN Pro software

The mapping is supplied on a USB drive.

For each PC installation, the required maps will need to be downloaded from the USB drive onto the individual PCs. i.e. the mapping is not currently set to run from a network drive.


Price - Seats:

  • £200 - 10
  • £250 - 15
  • £300 - 20
  • £350 - 30
  • £400 - 40


All prices are net of VAT at the prevailing rate.

1 seat can be OMN PC, OMN Android (Android phone or tablet) or OMN iOS (iPhone or iPad) installation. So should you wish to install on 5 PCs, 3 iPads and two phones, you would require a 10 seat licence. Please note OMN Android and OMN iOS are chargeable apps available from Google Play and Apple’s iTunes.

At the annual renewal of the licence a new USB drive will be supplied with updated mapping.


Educational licences can be purchased from our online shop, over the phone on 01202 286 080 with a credit card or via official Purchase Order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Changes to the software

A number of changes have been made to the standard software to better suit an educational environment. The main changes are:

  • Once setup, access to the system will not require an email/password combination, but features such as map download and map removal will be disabled. i.e. these become administrator functions reached by logging in.
  • Route Sync to Anquet Cloud is only available to a user logged in as admin. Allowing multiple students to access Anquet Cloud for route storage on one educational account would not be a workable solution. Whilst the administrator is not logged in, route data can be saved and loaded from the local PC file systems My Documents directories as say Word saves and loads documents. Once the administrator is logged in, Route Sync becomes active and can be used to share data with Anquet Cloud and hence OMN iOS and OMN Android if required.

Schools Mapping Data Licence

The product is only for use in education which the contract defines as “means for the purpose of teaching and learning, teacher training, educational or academic research or private study under the auspices of your School or Teachers’ Training Establishment, including the creation of Teaching Materials to support such educational activities.”

We are only permitted to supply this product to a school, which the contract defines as “means any state, public or independent school in Great Britain which is properly authorised as a School by the Department for Education or the Scottish Executive Education Department (or their successors) and has a unique DCSF Reference Number, or its Department for Education equivalent or Scottish SEED number. Academies funded by the Department for Education (or its successor) also qualify as a School but European schools and further education institutions are not included.”

The pertinent parts of the licence are reproduced below for your reference, or you can download the full licence: Schools Mapping Data Licence

2 Educational Licensed Use

In using the Mapping Data for Educational Use you may (and you may allow your Authorised Users to):

search, retrieve, save, display and view the Mapping Data;

create, copy and save Teaching Materials in printed or electronic form;

publish electronic versions of Mapping Data and Teaching Materials on your School’s or Teachers’ Training Establishment’s secure intranet;

incorporate the Mapping Data in printed or electronic form in assignments and portfolios, theses and coursework; and

provide any of the materials created under this clause 2 to external educational assessors or examiners.

3 Limited External Use

In addition to Educational Licensed Use, you may use the Mapping Data to generate a map which is displayed on your website or made available in print form, and demonstrates one or more of the following:

the location of your premises or other fixed assets you lease, own or manage;

the location of an event organised by your School or Teachers’ Training Establishment up to and for the duration of the event;

directions or routes (which are not specific to any particular third party) to your premises in clause 3.1.1, or the event in clause 3.1.2; or

the scope of any catchment area, travel area (including safer routes to school initiatives) or other areas of operation relating to your School or Teachers’ Training Establishment.

You may also use the Mapping Data to generate a map:

for display on your external website as part of your Teaching Materials;

for educational events involving external educational-related organisations (without limitation charities, local museums and libraries) with which Authorised Users are involved as part of their teaching or studies; or

in presentations by Authorised Users at a seminar, conference or workshop, or other similar activity.

Any map generated for external display in accordance with clauses 3.1 or 3.2 shall:

be in a raster format, and you shall use reasonable endeavours to prevent third parties from being able to edit the map or extract Mapping Data from the map;

not be of a larger scale or area and shall not contain a larger number of features than is reasonable for it to fulfil its function;

include additional information on or with the map to facilitate the purpose in clause 3.1 or 3.2.

Nothing in this Licence shall affect any statutory right available to you and your Authorised Users under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002, or any amending legislation.

You shall not receive any direct payment, credit or money’s worth as a result of allowing third parties to access, view or use any map generated in accordance with this Clause 3, or otherwise.