Cut Your Own

What is Cut Your Own?

Cut Your Own is a simple way to economically create maps of exactly the areas that you use.

With Cut Your Own you simply buy map tiles credits which get applied to your account. Then inside the PC software, you can choose which tiles you wish to purchase. Once you have chosen, simply give your map a name and press 'Create Map'. Once done, although you had to create the map on OMN PC, you can download it on any OMN app for your use.

Do I need to use all of my Map Tiles at once?

No. For example, if you bought 50 tiles, you could create one map of 50 tiles, or 50 maps of 1 tile each or any combination in-between.

Do the maps work on my mobile phone?

Yes. Any map created in OMN on your PC is available in any other OMN application that you have access to.

How many Map Tiles do I need for area X?

You don’t need any Map Tile credits to try Cut Your Own in OMN. You can use the complete interface, select the area you require, and you will then know the amount of Map Tiles that you need to purchase.

How can I avoid purchasing mapping I already own?

The Cut Your Own interface will show you any mapping you have downloaded on your machine.