10 Million Sq Km of Half Price 1:50,000 Landranger mapping. Half Price OMN Pro

Ten Million Square Kilometres

We will close this offer at midnight on the day we sell the ten millionth square kilometre...

If you use Cut Your Own, then the following prices should appeal:

OS 1:50,000 Cut Your Own - Now from just £3.25
OS 1:50,000 HD Cut Your Own - Now from just £4.50

Yet, with this offer, the following series all have maps available starting from just £5.

OS 1:50,000 Landrangers - from 63p
OS 1:50,000 All National Parks - from £3.75
OS 1:50,000 All of Great Britain - from £60

The discount will be applied to products automatically after being added to the basket.


Anquet Virtual Landscape:

We launched our first ever 3D mapping engine on our original mapping software way back in 2002. Our current 3D engine is part of our OMN Pro software package which can currently be purchased for just £20.

You can move freely above the mapping, change your point of view and change your altitude. You can also change the map type that you are looking at.

Our OMN Pro software also includes Split Screen, and the below image shows a split screen, with the 3D image on the left in sync with the flat map on the right. The black circle on the flat map marks your location, and the line from the centre of that circle marks the direction you are looking in. As you move, both displays update in real-time.

OMN Pro brings many advanced features to OMN PC – Advanced map view features such as 3D and split screen, GPS integration, A3 and smart multi-sheet printing, Advanced data editing tools, and the v06 Map Reader plugin.  
OMN Pro - BUY NOW for just £20