• Instant access to Ordnance Survey & other maps
  • Export map images for use in other applications & reports
  • Flexible & unlimited A3 printing
  • Comprehensive search, data management, measurement & 3D visualisation tools
  • Attach multimedia to map locations
  • No start-up or maintenance fees.
  • Free registration
  • Only pay for maps you need
  • No GIS experience required
  • Secure, reliable and simple

The majority of copyright holders of mapping license their data on different terms for businesses compared to consumers.

Bespoke software changes, training and consultancy

If you require training, we can arrange it either on-site or using distance learning systems.

Does the OMN software almost do what your business needs, but not quite? It’s often more cost effective to commission bespoke changes to OMN than to build an in-house system for your requirements.

We have over the years developed various input-group-addons such as:

  • One business wished to use OMN for route plotting, but required a specific file format output to save the required data for other internal systems. The business therefore leveraged the well-developed OMN route plotting system.
  • Line of site tool – Pick a point in 3D space, choose a horizon distance and shade the area that is visible considering terrain. Useful for siting radio masts, or answering the question of from what area a new wind farm is visible.
  • Building on the above line of site tool, we were commissioned to build a simulator for plotting helicopter routes with restricted vision from side windows for UN observation purposes.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.