Anquet Maps v06

Anquet Maps v06 launched in late 2005, and although a consistent group test winning application, she has now been fully replaced by Outdoor Map Navigator.

Continued Support

We realise we have 1000’s of customers still using and relying on v06, and we are therefore still fully supporting v06.

Software releases for v06 are now maintenance releases. Since the launch of OMN there have been a number of these updates showing our continued commitment to v06.

The two main support issues raised by users are covered by the following support articles:

Installing the latest version of Anquet Maps v06

Re-Installing Anquet Maps v06 on a New or Repaired PC

Otherwise please review our support materials in the Anquet Maps v06 area of our Support forum, from which you can also submit support tickets to our support desk.

Continued Map Purchases

At the launch of OMN we didn’t wish to force users who were happy with v06 to upgrade or to feel that further map purchases might be simply investing in an older platform. Therefore any map purchased in v06 since Jan 1 2012 will also work in any of the OMN apps – PC, iPhone or Android.

Upgrades from v06 to OMN

We obviously wish to offer our customers an upgrade path to the newer systems, and the following support article explains the various options. If you would like further help with your unique set of maps please contact our sales team.

Which upgrade is right for me.

Download the latest v06 Software

Upgrading to version 6.5.3 of Anquet v06

Anquet Maps v06 Limitations

Whilst we will continue to support Anquet Maps v06, there are some things we are sorry to report that it won’t be doing. Due to the internal grid mathematics Anquet Maps v06 is not capable of working with foreign mapping. Due to the large changes in the internal technologies used in OMN, the OMN Android and iPhone applications will not be compatible with Anquet Maps v06.