OMN Classic

OMN Classic was our main software from 2012-mid 2017.

User Guides

Below are links to pdfs made from the old help support website.


OMN Classic was our main app from 2012 until mid-2017. It can be downloaded below.

For our latest OMN app for PC, macOS, iOS, and Android, please see

OMN Classic PC

OMN Classic Android

In August 2019, Google Removed OMN Classic Android from the Google Play app store. As Google moves forward with Android, apps that are not kept fully up-to-date with all the latest changes are eventually removed from public access. At this point in time, the latest version of OMN for Android had been on the Google Play store for over 2.5 years and is therefore the natural replacement for users.

OMN Classic iOS

Please be aware that OMN Classic will not run on iOS 11 and above due to changes at Apple.

If you have downloaded OMNC for iOS before, it will always be listed for you in iTunes. However, the OMN Classic app has been removed from search results on iTunes so that new users get presented with only one result of the new app, so that there is no confusion for new users.