How to reset / change my password

You can login to all of the OMN apps and our website using the same email/password combination.

This is a three step process

Step One - make sure your data is safe

Once you have changed your password, the OMN apps will no longer be able to sync your route data until they have been reset. If you have un-synced data, on any of your computers / phones / tablets that you do not wish to loose, then please open the app, go to the GPX Manager and run sync. If for any reason you can't sync, then you can use the Export function on the GPX Manager to make sure your data is safe.

Step Two - Recover / Reset your password

If you wish to change your password login at

Once logged in, vist

Alternatively, if you have forgotten your password,

  1. go to this link:

  2. Tap on 'Reset my password'

  3. Enter your email address

  4. Tap on Submit

  5. Follow the instructions in the email that will be sent to you.

Step Three - Set the OMN apps to use your new password

Open up each OMN app in turn, go to settings->reset and use the top button. OMN will close. On restart, enter your new password.