Android Full Reset

On some versions of Android, uninstall and reinstalling does not clear down the local storage immediately.

If you uninstall OMN on Android, reinstall, and you are NOT asked to login by OMN, then Android has cached your local data through the uninstall/reinstall process.

To fully uninstall OMN, please do the following:

The below will differ between versions of Android. The below screenshots are from Android 9 on a Samsung S8 phone.

The screenshots below were done using OMN3, but this will work the same for any version of OMN on Android.

Please note the following will not remove mapping from an SD Card.

  1. Long press on the OMN icon, and choose 'App info'

  1. On the screen that comes up, tap on 'Storage'

  1. On the screen that comes up, tap on 'Clear cache' and then tap on 'Clear data'

  1. Tap the back button, which will take you to the below screen.

Tap on 'Uninstall' to uninstall the main app.

  1. If you wish to reinstall, simply search for 'OMN" on Google Play and install as normal. On initial startup, you should be asked to login with your normal email/password. If you are not asked for this information, then this is an indication that data was cached between uninstalling and reinstalling. In this case, please either re-try the above or contact support for further help.