Styles – an Overview

The OMN Styling system is very powerful, and yet very easy to use.

At Anquet we have many years of experience of mapping software, and one thing we have noted is that users very often style certain items on the map in the same way, repeating the same mouse clicks again and again. The OMN Styling system allows you to avoid these repetitive tasks.

A Style is a set of attributes which you can then apply to a Waypoint, Route or Track.

So for instance you can define a Line Style which is transparent red, with a certain width of pen and has mile markers drawn every mile. You create this Style, and save it as 'Transparent Red Walking', and then whenever you wish to apply this Style, you just right click on the route and apply it. Its simply a few mouse clicks.

Your Styles sync to Anquet Cloud, so once defined they are also available on all of your OMN apps.

OMN allows you to either use the built in Styles, or define your own.

We have two types of Styles:

Waypoint Styles – defines if an icon is displayed on the map, and if so what size. You also define which text fields to display as text on the map beside the icon. You can also set the font, font size, font colour and a background colour.

Line Styles – define how a Route or Track is drawn on the map. Set the width of the line, the colour and the level of transparency and if mile / km markers are drawn on the route/track.