Applying Styles

The Styles menu gives you quick and easy access to applying Styles

Styles can either be set on one individual item, or a complete route.

So you can right click on a waypoint and select Styles->Waypoint Style->Small Icon and that will change the Style of just that one waypoint.

If however, you would like ALL of the waypoints on the route to have the same Style, you would simply right click anywhere on the route and select Styles->Waypoint Styles on route->Small Icon

We use the same approach for Line Styles, where you can set a complete route to one Styles using Styles->Route Line Style, or to set the Line Style between two waypoints only, use Styles->Segment Line Style

In this way, you can set individual parts of a route to have different styles, or set a complete route at once.

Examples of using this are:

Set all the waypoints to not show icons, but then set a number of icons along the route to mark view points, car park, lunch break etc.

For Line Styles, you may decide to have all of your cycle routes one colour, and your walking routes another.

Another use is to colour your route blue, but then colour the scrambling parts in red.