Protected Mode - in Protected Mode, to move/edit a waypoints location, you have to hold down the shift key. The advantage of this, is that as you drag the map you can't inadvertently move a waypoint.

Grab Handles - this is on by default on mobiles, and is most useful if you interact with the screen with your finger. With it on, when you select a waypoint a grab handle appears. You can then tap and hold the grab handle and move the waypoint. As the handle is away from the waypoint, your finger will not be obscuring your ability to position the waypoint on the map.

Grab Handle Editing - when turned on, a waypoint can only be re-located using the grab handle, and not also by dragging the waypoint.

Colours - these can be set to your own requirements.

Selected - the item that is currently selected on the map or in GPX Editor.

Primary Hover is the item that would be selected if you tap/click, and Secondary Hover is the containing item. For instance, if you hover over a segment on a route, the segment will be colour in Primary Hover Colour, and the reset of the route in Secondary Hover colour.

Edit - when an item is being moved, it is coloured in this colur.

Reset - the reset button allows you to easily go back to the original Anquet default settings for this screen.