Sharing Routes Desktop - PC & macOS

OMN uses the industry standard GPX file format. This means that any other software, website or GPS unit that can read GPX files can easily share data with OMN.

Importing and Exporting GPX files can be done from within the GPX Manager.

Exporting GPX files from OMN

To Export, open the GPX Manager (GM), select the file you wish to Export and click on the Export button. A file dialog will appear, and simply save the file somewhere which you remember. You can then open the file in another software application, or say email it to a friend as an attachment.

Import GPX files into OMN

To Import a GPX file, open the GPX Manager (GM), and click on the 'Import' button. A file dialog will appear and you can choose the file(s) you wish to import.

If you import one single file, OMN will also open it and display it on the screen. If you import multiple files, OMN does not open one, but you can open them in the normal way from within GM.