macOS Releases

The latest software can always be downloaded from:

3.0.33 Released 16th December 2021

  • Small fixes.

3.0.31 Released 19th March 2021

  • Small fixes.

3.0.29 Released 25th January 2021

  • Layout issue fixes to support Apples Big Sur operating system.

  • Fix for New Folder button in RTW.

  • Other bug fixes.

3.0.28 Released 8 September 2020

  • Manage maps not showing correctly when macOS Dark Mode was enabled has been fixed.

  • In macOS 10.13 and below, the map dropdown selection box was rendering too small. Fixed.

  • Various bugs in Estimated Time profiles have been fixed.

3.0.27 Released 29 August 2020

A fix for the context menu not working on some machines.

3.0.26 Released 27 August 2020

3.0.25 was not starting correctly on some older macOS operating systems that do not support Dark Mode. This has been fixed in this release.

3.0.25 Released 16 August 2020

This is the first release of OMN3. It's also fully Catalina compatible, and we have also been testing it on the latest beta of Big Sur which is the next macOS operating system.

This version of the software uses a new format for mapping, so it can't read maps you have previously downloaded.

1.09 Released 19 May 2018

  • Area Calculations added.

  • Changes to startup logic.

  • Fixes to subscription renewals so the process runs cleanly.

  • Other small fixes and improvements.

1.07 Released 9th April 2018

  • small fixes.

1.06 Released 27 March 2018

  • Major update to Styles.

  • Waypoint / Trackpoint Styles - Fonts, font size, font colour, background and transparencies can now be defined. Text can be displayed for waypoint names, comments and descriptions on the map as required.

  • Line Styles - ticks and arrows can now be shown on routes/tracks at set intervals, so you can now set a route to draw with say a tick mark every 1 mile.

  • Quicker sync time, and improvements to sync.

  • Performance improvements on drawing routes with lots of text on the map.

1.05 Released 15 March 2018

1.04 Released 22 February 2018

A large update:

  • Improvements in speed and stability.

  • Now runs inside an Apple 'Sandbox' to make sure as an app we don't misbehave. This is a requirement for listing on the macOS App-Store which we are intending to do in due course.

  • Updates to Map Download and Verify - smoother and quicker.

  • New splash screen.

  • Estimated Time settings now possible through Preferences.

  • Edit Waypoint screen implemented which allows naming of waypoints and adding text to them.

  • Information Panel on GPX Editor added, which shows up statistics.

  • New columns added to GPX Editor which can be configured in Preferences->GPX Editor.

  • Preferences->Reset->Find Place added.

0.47 Released 16 August 2017

A number of fixes in this one, mainly from fixes to core code for the on-going work on the mobiles.

  • After deleting a route, the right click context menu was incorrect - fixed.

  • Line Styles not saving on tracklogs - fixed.

  • Not drawing routes in a GPX file if one route was empty. Fixed.

  • Error messages reading ‘GPX Explorer’ have been updated to be ‘GPX Editor’.

  • Right click on a track and set the style was crashing the system - fixed.

  • Height data around the meridian was wrong. fixed.

  • Minimum version of macOS lowered to 10.10, which we believe should work.