Reset PC by hand

If OMN on your PC won't start-up, please follow these instructions:

Make sure OMN is not running. If OMN has been failing to start, please restart your PC, and do not try to start OMN until you have followed the instructions below.

Settings and Database files are on a standard machine stored in:

c:\users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Outdoor Map Navigator

You should be able to navigate to this location using Windows Explorer. <user> will be your user name, like say 'Graham'. If you cant see this folder, its likely it is a hidden folder, in which case you have three options:

  1. Paste the directory into the windows explorer path bar, having replaced <user> with your user name and press enter.

  2. Paste "C:\Users%Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Outdoor Map Navigator" (without the quote marks) into the windows explorer bar and press enter. This should resolve to the required directory.

  3. Turn on Hidden Items on the view panel - this differs by version of Mircrosoft Windows, but should let you view hidden folders and items.

Once you are in that directory you will normally find two files:

settings.xml - contains your login details and settings like km or miles. Once deleted, the system will create a new settings.xml file on startup, and you will have to re-setup the settings as you want them.

omn.db - a database file which contains definitions of the maps you own and an offline copy of your GPX files along with style information and icons. This database is synced with Anquet Cloud so that this data can be accessed on other devices. iI you have done a recent sync to Anquet Cloud, then all of the data here will be safe on Anquet Cloud, and will be restored when you next login.

Please delete both of these files.

Then please startup OMN, and login as normal - settings.xml and omn.db will be re-created.