File Locations

On a standard machine OMN will install into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Anquet Technology Ltd

The best place to learn about where your files are kept is by using the Settings->My Account tab within the OMN software. It will list two directories:

Settings and Database files are on a standard machine stored in:

c:\users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Outdoor Map Navigator

Here you will normally find two files:

settings.xml - your local settings file.

omn.db - a database file which contains definitions of the maps you own and an offline copy of your GPX files along with style information and icons. This database is synced with Anquet Cloud so that this data can be accessed on other devices.

If you delete these two files, you will loose your local settings, and on the next startup you will be asked for your login details. OMN will then re-sync omn.db from Anquet Cloud which will give you access to your personal data.

If you do wish to delete the db file, please make sure you have run sync before hand, otherwise any local changes not synced to Anquet Cloud will be lost.

** If you are running OMN PC Beta, you will also have beta-settings.xml and beta-omn.db

Map Data

On a clean machine, OMN will save map data to:

C:\ProgramData\Outdoor Map Navigator\pkgs

However, on first run up, if it detects an OMN Classic installation, as OMN can read/share the map data, you may find your map data is stored in:

C:\ProgramData\Outdoor Map Navigator<userid>\Pkgs

Map data in OMN can be moved to a different drive. Again, the best place to see your exact directories in use is in Settings->My Account within the OMN software.

Selected - the item that is currently selected on the map or in GPX Editor.

Primary Hover is the item that would be selected if you tap/click, and Secondary Hover is the containing item. For instance, if you hover over a segment on a route, the segment will be colour in Primary Hover Colour, and the reset of the route in Secondary Hover colour.

Edit - when an item is being moved, it is coloured in this colur.

Reset - the reset button allows you to easily go back to the original Anquet default settings for this screen.