Map Updates Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get notified of map updates?

Currently we do this via our newsletters.

Which maps can be updated?

Any subscription maps can be updated, as the subscription includes the map updates.

Owing to licensing, maps that were not bought on subscription are locked to the latest data at the time of purchase, and are not eligible for map updates

Can I just update some of my maps?

Yes, you can.

Can I skip a map update?

Yes, you can. You can run the verify process whenever you wish whilst you have a valid subscription, and it will bring your maps up to the latest mapping available

What is the difference between map Download and Verify?

Map download will download all of the tiles for the selected map.

Verify can be run on partially or fully downloaded maps. For each map tile stored locally, it will compare it with the latest available, and if a newer map tile is available, it will download it.

It is therefore very normal when verifying a full map to see the counter numbers climb very quickly and then slow for a while, and then speed up again. Where it is quick, the tiles are the latest, when it slows down, it is because newer mapping is available, and it is downloading the mapping.