Settings -> GPS Markers and Tracklogs

GPS Marker and Tracklogs

This settings page is divided as follows:

GPS Marker

You can select how to display your position on the map by choosing the built-in default marker, or an icon from the Icon Manager finally adjusting its appearance as required. You can even design and import your own marker if you wish.


A tracklog is a recording of a path (track) you have actually travelled. More information about tracklogs can be found here: What is a GPX File?

You can choose to record trackpoints on a time interval, a distance interval, or a combination of the two. The default setting is a combination of every 60 seconds or 25m travelled. Tap the parameter window to select your own preference.

Each new tracklog is saved into its own GPX file with a time and date as part of its name. The default folder name is 'My Tracklogs' and is saved in the GPX Manager. Settings allows you to change this name. If you record tracklogs on multiple devices using a different folder name on each will help identify their source.

Each GPS location received includes an accuracy which can add to the comment field of each trackpoint if required.