Outdoor Map Navigator 3 (OMN3)- Frequently Asked Questions



The original OMN was launched in 2012. This was renamed to OMN Classic in 2017 when we launched the second generation of OMN which we refer to as OMN2. In August 2020 we launched the first of the apps in the third generation – OMN3 macOS, which was followed in December 2020 with OMN3 Android.

App Icons

  • Blue/white – OMN Classic
  • Blue/White with a green stripe – OMN2
  • Blue/White with a yellow stripe – OMN3
  • Blue Walker/Cyclist on mapping - the latest OMN3 icon:

What is new in OMN3?

  • Performance – Start-up and Sync times are much quicker.
  • Mapping – all of the map types now support our Enhanced Zoom technology. The download and streaming systems have been fully upgraded.
  • Printing – a new print engine has been built.
  • Routes, Tracks and Waypoints is a replacement for the GPX Manager and GPX Editor of OMN2 making working with your data simpler.
  • More will follow.

For a more in-depth set of information, please see our blog post: Development Update

Will my subscription work in OMN3?

Yes, just login as normal, and you will have access to your subscription maps just as you had in OMN2.

Which OMN3 apps are currently available?

OMN3 macOS, OMN3 Android.

Can OMN2 and OMN3 work together?

Yes. OMN2 and OMN3 share the same Anquet servers for route and styles data. Therefore, as a user you can run say an OMN2 app on your phone and OMN3 on your mac and be able to sync normally.

More can be read: Moving from OMN2 to OMN3

How will users move to OMN3?

As OMN3 apps become available we will encourage users to install them alongside their OMN2 apps. We hope users will quickly become happy with OMN3 and delete OMN2 from their devices. As OMN2 and OMN3 can work together, users can do this a device at a time on within reason their own timescale.

When will OMN2 be Retired?

At the time of writing, OMN2 is still our official app on PC & iOS. OMN3 will over time fully replace OMN2. We will eventually retire OMN2 but a firm date has not been set.