OMN4 Technical Update

OMN4 will go into beta in early 2022 on PC and macOS, with iOS and Android following later in the year.

Current subscriptions will work on our existing and new software, allowing users to migrate across on their timescales.

OMN4 is a complete rewrite of Outdoor Map Navigator.

Whilst OMN4's interface will be easily recognisable to existing users, the technologies that power it will be completely updated.

OMN3 was a significant upgrade based on our OMN2 project. Therefore, we have arrived at the point of having a very stable product, but one that is no longer built on leading technologies.

The initial phase of OMN4 aims to do what OMN2/3 can do, just quicker and more robustly and therefore giving a much nicer user experience.

Once the basis of OMN4 is in place, further enhancements will follow.

For a more technical dive on this, please log-in to our forum and see the following forum post: