OMN 2017 for PC and macOS launched

OMN 2017 for PC and macOS launched

OMN 2017 is a massive step forward, crafted over the last two years with huge input from Anquet users via our open beta forums. We have never before released software that has had so much input from our current users and continual testing.

The result is a system which works seamlessly across PC, macOS, Android and iOS.

To be clear, this is a complete re-write of our system, where at every step we have built, taken feedback from our users, altered, tested and iterated until we achieved the best results we could. Its been a long journey, but the results speak for themselves.

OMN PC and OMN macOS are now live and ready for download. Android and iOS are in very late beta and will be submitted to Google and Apple respectively during August.

Our new map rendering system is fast, and with Enhanced Zoom on all platforms, allows you to zoom maps out a long way effortlessly. The same rendering system is used on all platforms and for printing, so what you see on your PC or Mac will be exactly what you print, or see on your mobile device.

The route plotting system has been fully updated, and now also runs on iOS and Android.

OMN 2017 fully embraces the industry standard GPX file format, making it easy to import and export files from OMN to use with your GPS or in other mapping systems. The new GPX Editor allows easy access to your routes and tracklogs.

We have built a completely new Styles system to allow you to easily style your routes and waypoints.

Anquet Cloud has been fully updated, and now syncs not only your maps and routes, but also your imported icons and user defined Styles.

The above just touches on the major points. There is so much more to discover.



A quick overview of some of the major changes can be read here:
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