Map Type Comparison

Map Type Comparison

We often get asked about comparisons of different map types, so below we have clipped a 1 sq km grid square of mapping using different map types so that we can compare. These are cropped at 100% zoom level, so that we have a one to one pixel matching. The High Definition images therefore get quite large, but that also shows the differences in the amount of data.


1:50,000 Scale GroundRanger mapping:


Starting with the 1:50,000 scale GroundRanger above comparing it to Standard Definition 1:50,000 scale Landranger mapping. Its a stark difference - whilst the GroundRanger is clearer due to being 4 times the size of mapping on the screen, it has detail not in the 1:50,000 scale maps, and yet lacks the paths and contours on the Landranger mapping.


OS 1:50,000 scale Landranger Standard Definition mapping:

Moving up to the High Definition 1:50,000 Landranger mapping below - things just become much much clearer.

OS 1:50,000 scale Landranger High Definition mapping:


OS 1:25,000 Explorer Standard Definition mapping:

Moving on to the 1:25,000 scale mapping that most walker favour, it's again clear the difference between Standard and High Definition. You can see why the OS print the paper series of mapping from the HD mapping.

OS 1:25,000 scale Explorer High Definition mapping:


OS 1:10,000 scale OS Street View

We must re-conduct this exercise soon on an urban area, as frankly comparing OS Street View and the OS Open Map Local on Helvellyn is not that interesting an exercise.

OS 1:10,000 scale OS Open Map Local


And finally probably the Big Daddy of mapping in the OS catalogue. It lacks contours, but otherwise holds a wealth of information not available on say OS 1:25,000 scale mapping.

OS 1:10,000 scale OS Vector Map Local